Monday, July 22, 2013


I'm b.a.c.k!!!!!!!

I've been gone a very long time but I've been wanting to get back to blogging about my crafting adventures for quite some time!

I've done so many projects since my last post several years ago, but I'll start with a quick blurb about my upcoming project this evening.

In our new home the boys have to share a room.  A full sized bed, a twin day bed, and two dressers, plus lots of toys and what-nots = no room in their bedroom to breath, let alone walk around.  So, we are building them this!  Except that the cubbies will be drawers that go the whole width of the bed.  Each drawer will have two compartments.  The forward one for clothing, the back one for out of season clothing or toys, etc.  We've built quite a few things off of Ana White's website and her site has proven very helpful again.

Another reason why I'm soooooo excited about this build is our Home Depot carries PureBond plywood!  It is plywood that is formaldehyde-free.  I believe that the more chemicals we keep out of the home the better off we'll be health wise, though it did cause me a bit of sticker shock when I first priced it!  I feel that the difference we pay now will be well worth it in the's an investment that will pay dividends later in life! 

Tomorrow I hope to finish up the modifications to the plans and that I'll be able to finish laying out all the pieces on graph paper so we buy enough materials to finish the job without too many trips back to HD, which is now about 15 miles away.

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