Monday, June 14, 2010

Upcycled Pleated Beauty Bag

I knew I'd revisit the pleated beauty bag soon than later.  I just love the unique look to this pleated beauty.  I'm all for reducing, reusing, recycling.  But, don't get me wrong, I'm not all about mother earth, more for preserving this great world God has given us for future generations.  Anyway, getting back to reducing, reusing, recycling.  I try to find ways to make my crafting less expensive and repurpose items already out there.  Which is what I did for this bag.

I found a pair of linen pants at the Navy thrift store for a $1.  I was taking a bit of a risk that I'd get enough usable material out of one pair to make another pleated beauty bag, but they were size 18 so I thought that might help me.  The color was perfect for some leftover fabric from the bag I made myself.  A new word has emerged lately, that word is upcycle.  I particularly like this word, it is truly what I did with the pair of linen pants I picked up.

I knew right away who I was going to make the bag for, a beautiful young lady who was graduating from high school and moving on in her life.  I wanted her to know how beautiful she was and how special she was to us and those around her, and to God! 

Thank you for stopping by to visit Modge Podge Crafting, stop back soon to read about a Quilt-for-Life I made for Isaiah and yet another pleated beauty handbag I'm making for another friend.

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