Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Rag Quilt

Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do.  Even more so when it is something I've made especially for the individual.  A special, one of a kind gift says a lot more than happy birthday, merry Christmas, or congratulations.  It adds value that a store bought gift just can't.

I get a lot of my crafting ideas from YouTube.  You can learn to make or do anything from the videos posted there.  One day while cuddling and feeding Liam (read: sitting in our comfy chair with nothing better to do) I came across this video on YouTube:

Expert Villiage has a lot of great videos on YouTube.  What is frustrating about their videos, though, is they aren't numbered!  After complaining to Expert Villiage directly about their lack of numbering, I was told I could find all their videos in order directly on their website. Gretchen has several really good videos and I will feature another one of her projects I made soon.

The rag quilt I made was for a baby girl baby shower.  I used different dimensions and seam allowances, but I got the idea and steps directly from the videos.  The quilt I made used (42) 7"x7" squares on each side.  I used a 1/2" seam allowance.  I am very frugal and try to be green in all that I do.  I'm frugal more so out of necessity, but also I don't see the need to spend more money on something than absolutely necessary.  Therefore, I purchased most of my flannel for this project off the clearance rack at our local fabric store.  The rose print flannel jumped off the shelf at me a few months back at just $1.95 a yard.  At the time, I didn't have a girl project.  When I found out the baby shower was for a girl I knew exactly what I would make. 

Here are the squares before being pieced and quilted.

The blocks going right to left have been sewn together,
next attaching the rows together.

Front sewn together before the seam is snipped.

Snipping the seam, by far the most time consuming and tedious
part of making this quilt!!  Emma was a huge help!!

Close up of the quilted blocks.

Finished front after being laundered.

Finished back.

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